December 10, 2018

Mobile Structures In Production

Evine High-Performance Mobile Structures answer the needs of customers seeking a more efficient and effective answer to their long-term housing or shelter needs. They are built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to be incredibly strong, efficient, and low maintenance with very low energy and operating costs over its extended life-cycle.  Units can be designed to be on the grid with full hookups or function off-grid tailored to customer’s circumstances. Options include modern and contemporary styling with state of the art materials. Units are incredibly energy efficient, well insulated, and quiet inside. 

Currently Evine has in production a “Tiny Office” designed by Bundle Design in Bellingham Washington

Our next unit production begins soon applying a “shed roof” concept to the design layout. 

A model brochure can be copied from this link.  If you have an interest in our models or have your own ideas you wish to pursue, please contact us using our form at the bottom of our Home page or by email at