December 10, 2018

Our Focus

Value driven processes

Evine Trading LLC (Evine) is designed and purposeful in its pursuit of business opportunities that fit its mission agenda. Evine operates from within the USA recognized Lummi Indian Reservation located on the western coast of the USA. The location s in close proximity to rail, port, air, and highway and served by a fiber-optic high-speed internet connection. Furthermore, the land is registered as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ 128) which allows imported goods to enter the USA on a duty deferred or duty exempt basis. 

Evine holds multiple special key designations giving it priority status when dealing with the US Government procurement system (aka SAM). The United States government procures roughly 97,000 different goods and services on a daily basis to meet the needs of its various branches.  The Federal government is required to allocate 3 % of its yearly budget to companies with special designations. This translates into an unmet market demand for roughly 65 billion dollars! Furthermore, this same 3% mandate, is applied to the private sector, where America’s largest companies follow the same offset program. This results in them having the need for essentially all products, and many services. Evine’s team of specialists can strategically place a businesse’s products and services into the US market to capture these unique competitive advantages.

Evine operates under the commercial codes of the Lummi Nation. Tribal operations under the doctrine of reservation-generated value are exempt from State and Federal taxation in almost all cases when conducted on trust land by a tribal company such as Evine Trading LLC.